In the Scientific Software Laboratory, we develop customised software solutions to improve the use of numerical simulations and data science modelling. Whether it’s a fully automated simulation process with minimal human interaction from pre-processing to post-processing or the development of webapps for data representation, we can do this for you.

A simulation solution has become a standard tool and you would like to integrate it into your entire workflow? Or you have generated a large amount of static simulation results that need to be reused in a clear and user-friendly way? We get you there, let us lead the way.

Scientific Software Portfolio

Simulation Automation

The automation of a simulation process shortens the turnaround time by several orders of magnitude and allows significantly more design iterations in the same timespan.

Webapp Development

Customised data representation webapps is a successful way to preserve and further utilise data. It increases the acceptance of simulation results across departments and stakeholders.


Customized OpenFOAM libraries and solvers take into account project-specific requirements and facilitate the embedding of the simulation tool into the overall workflow.

Development Tools


Python is an interpreted high-level programming language (PL) widely used in the scientific community.


Bash can be used to automate processes under Linux OS system  which is referred to as shell scripting.

Plotly Dash

Plotly Dash is a webapp development framework  to be used under the Python programming language.


C++ is a compiled low-level programming language that supports functional and object-oriented paradigms.

Case Studies

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FAQ Toggle Section

For software development management projects the customer’s software framework is typically used and we collaborate with the internal IT to realise the application. Here the accessibility can be given based on the internal policies. For applications like webapps that are developed in our Labs we have the right framework to enable this.

Generally we follow a white-box approach and provide the source code to ensure replicability. For internally developed software that is used for the customer this is not the case.