Pre-defined Packages

Our predefined packages were derived from regularly recurring scientific questions and projects. These packages provide the framework for the project activities but do not limit them. We act in the spirit of our agile approach and always respond to the individual requirements of the project, whether in advance or during project execution.

Mixing and Lab-DoE Package

Hypothetical Scenario

A pharmaceutical/chemical process like a crystallization, dispersion, vial filling etc. needs to be developed. It is sensitive to mixing and it is required to design a well-understood, robust process.

Our Support

We setup Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for all involved vessel/reactor configurations at Lab-Scale and perform a general sensitivity analysis on the operating conditions to derive CFD-based DoE’s. The gained understanding allows to select suitable industrial scale equipment.

Process Transfer Support by CFD

Typical initial situation

A pharmaceutical/chemical process like a crystallization needs to be transferred from one production site to another. Due to changes in equipment there is a risk of failure that needs to be avoided.

Our approach

We setup Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for both, the current and the future vessel/reactor configuration and tune the operating conditions of the future setup to match the process critical parameters.