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Bridging Science into Industry

What are we doing different?

NovaLabs is derived from Innovation Laboratories and represents our approach to serving our clients. We are visionaries with a strong desire to innovate and with particular strengths in elaborating and implementing tailored solutions. We rely on a cross-disciplinary approach across our three labs, where numerical simulations, data science technologies and custom software complement and amplify each other. This allows us to deliver end-to-end, all-in-one computational technology solutions. We make extensive use of open-source software that enables us to innovate at any time. Delivering is the minimum for us – our ambition is to set standards.

Our services


We develop and use numerical simulations to address your engineering problems at the highest scientific standards, while maintaining the nature of a typical industrial application.


In the scientific software lab we automate simulation workflows and develop project-specific software tools to further use or communicate outcomes from our AI and SimLab.


We develop and use data science to leverage the full potential of your data and to create machine learning digital twins e.g. based on outcomes from our SimLab.